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Before installing the POOLDEVIL, locate the aimflow in your pool. This is where the water from the pump and filter returns to the pool. It is advisable to turn off the pump while installing.
Remove the aimflow fitting, unscrewing the ring fastener, and remove the directional ball fitted inside. Select the aimflow screw on the connector to suit the size of your fitting (2 sizes) and screw on. Attach the POOLDEVIL unit to this connector at the "L" connector and secure, using the "U" clip.



The POOLDEVIL components are very easy to assemble.

The components are:
A. skimmer head
B. filter locking ring
C. filter bag
D. hose assembly / nozzle
E. "L" connector with "U" clip and pressure adjustment ring
F. screw on aimflow connector (2 sizes)
G. nozzles

To assemble:

1) connect skimmer head A) to nozzle G) and hose assembly D).
2) attach "L" connector E) to other side of hose assembly D).
3) work open end of filter bag C) over filter locking ring B).
4) leading with filter bag insert into skimmer head and push hard to secure.




The POOLDEVIL can be fitted to point clockwise or anticlockwise depending on the positioning in your pool. After filtering, the POOL DEVIL can be rotated to face in the opposite direction simply by rotating the "L" connector to the reverse position and twisting the skimmer head on the hose. The venturi effect can be adjusted for optimum effect by rotating the "L" connectore up or down to adjust the skimmer head depth in the water.

In pools with multiple water inlets it might be necessary to close off the other inflow to get better pressure. We recommend that in most situations the pressure adjustment ring be left open to aid circulation, the hole should be opened to face downwards. In low pressures the hole should be adjusted closed.

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